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Surrounded by forest with a breathtaking view of the Bandhavgarh Fort, Monsoon Forest is just a few minutes drive from the Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve, Tala zone. With the highest density of tigers in the wild Bandhavgarh is not only the best Wildlife reserve to view this magnificent cat but also to enjoy the beauty of jungles of Central India. 

Connected conveniently by air and train from Delhi, Mumbai and Bhopal. Monsoon Forest is also connected via charter flights to Umaria airport (32 Km) and a charter helicopter service directly to Bandhavgarh.

By Air: To Khajuraho followed by a 5-hour drive.

By Air: To Jabalpur followed by a 3-hour drive

By Train: To Umaria followed by a 30-minute drive

By Train: To Katni followed by a 1:30-minute drive

By Train: To Jabalpur followed by a 3-hour drive.

By Road: From Khajuraho or from Kanha - 5-hour drive

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