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Central India has extreme climactic fluctuations. Winter months of December, January and February, morning game drives and late evenings are bitingly cold, you would enjoy the comfort of blankets and hot water bottles that are provided for morning drives. The afternoon sun is wonderful, days are crisp, warm and sunny. As we move into April summer is beginning to set in and the shade is welcome. As water holes dry up by May, wildlife is concentrated in smaller areas of the park and Tiger sighting gets better but with that the heat is extreme, afternoon temperatures can touch 46�C. The best time to visit is from October to March, The jungle is looking beautiful after the monsoons, green flushes of new leaf on the bamboo and thick undercover, misty mornings and crisp sunlight make the forest breathtakingly beautiful.


There is no official dress code however, when out game viewing, we suggest muted clothing and colors that would blend with nature. October to mid November: Light fleece and a sweater or shawl November to end February: Warm Fleece, warm sweater, a light jacket, are a must, gloves and a warm cap are always welcome comforters. March to May: Shorts or light trousers and ideally cotton-clothing, a light fleece is advisable as early mornings can still be chilly.

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