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Wildlife & Safaris

Safaris & Excursions

Jeep Safaris

Drives to explore parts of the Tiger reserve that are often remote and tucked away in magic corners of the park, our experienced naturalist will introduce you to the rich bio diversity of the park. From the majestic Tiger to the shy funnel web spiders, you will be rewarded with an insight into fine details of the natural world. We plan our Safaris keeping in mind interests of the Guests and balance that with an opportunity to visit different Zones of the Tiger Reserve.

Kindly note that as per the guidelines from the forest department, there are no safaris on every Wednesday afternoon and on the festive day of Holi.

Sher Darshan (Tiger Viewing from Elephant back)

Every morning in Bandhavgarh begins with tiger tracking. Once a tiger’s been sighted by the forest department elephants, visitors set out on elephant back for the Sher Darshan. Park officials keep the experience quiet and pleasant by using tokens to regulate the number of visitors. Some mornings the queues can be long, and the wait for a chance to the see the tiger frustrating. But the choice is ours, to explore quiet parts of the park or wait with everyone for one of the most breathtaking sights in the world: a tiger in the wild. Note: This activity is subject to availability

Bandhavgarh Fort : The Park spreads out around the Bandhavgarh Fort, the seat of the Bhaghel rulers until they shifted to Rewa in the seventeenth century. It is an imposing presence that bears witness to a long history, with inscriptions and carvings in caves that are said to date back to between 129 and 168 AD. The Fort houses a spectacular assortment of monolithic statues of Lord Vishnu in his many incarnations, scattered around are also ruins of temples held together by ancient Ficus trees and large water tanks carved by hand. Tigers and other wildlife are frequently sighted in the forests on the fort and add to the excitement of exploration. Excursions to the fort are a must for all guests, it is a chance to explore by Jeep and walk around the ruins of a once mighty kingdom now ruled by the jungle. Note: This activity is subject to availability

Village Visit

Experience life in the village. Get an insight into the problems they face with regards to - man animal conflict. Meet the local artisans. Dine at a local village home. Experiencing a day in the life of a village women doing their everyday chores or attend a reforestation project.

Birding & Picnics

Bandhavgarh forest and its surrounding areas are well represented in terms of rich avifauna of Vindhya ranges. It has a variety of habitats-woodlands, grasslands, high hills, cliffs and ponds, catering to the needs of different bird species both resident and migratory. Around 250 avifaunal species are found here. This includes birds of prey, vultures, grebes, cormorants, ducks, kingfishers, herons, egrets, storks, hornbills, barbets, woodpeckers, flycatchers and many others. Sarus cranes visit the reserve for breeding during monsoon and may be seen up to November. Bird watching point at Bandhavgarh fort (subject to permissions from the forest department) offers fantastic overview of vulture nests.

  • We organize a special birding picnic with our birding guides. Watch bird species as you enjoy a lovely picnic hamper arranged by us.

Relaxing Wednesday (Indicative itinerary for the entire day)

Visit to Ban Sagar Lake – Ban Sagar Lake is situated on the Ban Sagar Dam, built on the Sone river. Early morning drive up to the beautiful Ban Sagar Lake for some birding and picnic. The entire excursion will take about 3 hours.

Village Visit – After an exciting trip to Ban Sagar Lake, return to the lodge. Post lunch, we will visit a village, and have an insight into the lives of the local villagers, their way of life, meet the local artisans. Interact with them to understand the man-animal conflict.

Dinner – After the village visit, return to the lodge for refreshments. For your evening dinner you can chose from any of the following options

 Private dinner at the house of a local villager.

 Private dinner in the open grasslands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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